Those who've known me since my youngest years joke about it: I've never been too prone to small talk, and have always gone straight to the core, yearning to know what drives a person, what is his/her philosophy of life, who is she, who is he...

Over the years, it evolved into recorded conversations - for instance the weekly interviews in Indian Express while in India - and into my counseling work. It also manifests in musings on political and international affairs, through the lens of myths and psychology. 

Overall, one red thread, inspired by the 19th century Russian Teacher Gurdjieff, "Encounters with remarkable Beings" - and sharing with the public the essence of those encounters. 

Third Eye – Indian Express

From 2006 to 2011, Nadine Kreisberger published a weekly column in Indian Express (one of India’s leading English dailies), interviewing personalities from the worlds of the arts, business, politics, science, civil society on their journey and philosophy of life. 

For instance ? Author Pico Iyer, lyricist Gulzar, Sufi legend Abida Parveen, photographer Raghu Rai, artists S.H. Raza and Subodh Gupta, cricketer & politician Imran Khan, curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, conductor Zubin Mehta, physicist Arthur Miller, telecom tycoon Sunil Mittal, psychiatrist Stanislav Grof and many more. 

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