Alchemy is a mysterious & sacred philosophy, which has traversed cultures under different guises, from Egypt and Ancient Greece, to India and China. It is a way to connect to the ultimate essence of all things & beings.

In traditional Chinese, this philosophical Alchemy is called "Neidan" -- "Nei" for internal and "Dan" for essence, or elixir. Neidan represents a multitude of ways (medical, meditative, culinary, philosophical, metaphysical and more) devised and evolved over millennia to connect to that inner 'golden elixir' and core spirit.

At its own scale and with a 21st century perspective, Nadine Kreisberger founded Neidan, Inc. with the same objective – helping people and organizations “be who they are meant to be”. It does so through a multiplicity of means – from in depth one-on-one life coaching to group work, strategic consulting and multimedia projects.

 All those activities have evolved organically from Nadine’s various experiences, personal connections and accomplishments in a variety of fields and countries around the world.  With Neidan, Inc. all of these activities come under one roof, with multiple projects under way and many more to come.