Joint Journeys

in depth one-on-one personal development

In her one-on-one work, Nadine Kreisberger helps individuals understand who they are and accompanies them on the journey to becoming this more authentic, balanced, fulfilled self.

She helps clients define most authentically what a “life well lived” would be, and how to be aligned with it. She shares practical tools for deep and safe self-explorations, as well as powerful ways to navigate life and relationships. 

In those “joint journeys” (a term she prefers to counseling or coaching), she draws from a variety of trainings and experiences such as depth psychology and dreamwork, business coaching and leadership training, trauma relief (EMDR) and inter-generational dynamics, shamanism and other sacred teachings, as well as proprietary tools she has developed over the years (in particular the Roundtable of Inner Characters). 

She has worked with hundreds of people around the world (Europe, Mongolia, India and the US), in particular with high impact change-makers and influencers. 

These days, Nadine is sharing her work in one-on-one as well as group settings, at times in collaboration with counselors, shamans, sound therapists and other powerful “joint journeyers”.