Nadine Kreisberger's experiences span the worlds of business, classical music, international affairs, strategic consulting, journalism, psychology and ancient schools of wisdom.

She was born and raised in Paris, lived in New York, the Big Island of Hawai’i, Mongolia, India & is now based in California.

Raised in the Montessori spirit and with a number of extraordinary mentors, Nadine was fueled from her youngest years by a wish to explore and experience the world. After her studies (at HEC, France's top business school and at the Sorbonne University), she left for New York, where she could further pursue her explorations.

There, she co-founded Andante (with Pierre Bergé and Alain Coblence), a pioneering classical music website – at the time, the leading online classical presence – and a high-end record label. The New York Times called it “the gold standard of classical websites” and the label garnered some fanatical followings, especially in Japan & South Korea.

During her years in New York City, Nadine was trained in Jungian psychology as well as in a number of teachings such as the Native American, Polynesian, Indian, Siberian wisdom traditions. After a brief stay in Hawai’i, her desire to experience a non-Western culture and environment led her to move to Mongolia in 2004.

In Mongolia, Nadine served as Senior Advisor to Mongolia's leading and most respected female politician, Dr. S. Oyun, Head of the Civil Will Party and member of the State Great Hurl (Mongolian Parliament). A pragmatic leader dedicated to a balanced, democratic socio-economic development, Dr. Oyun served as Vice Speaker of Parliament, Foreign Affairs Minister, and Environment Minister. As her trusted advisor, Nadine focused on issues of development, infrastructure, foreign aid and international affairs. She was also involved in managing Dr. Oyun's constituency, and in cooperating with international organizations such as the World Bank, the IMF, various UN agencies and NGOs.

In early 2006, wishing to pursue her exploration of diverse societies and spiritual traditions, she moved to India. Based in New Delhi, she developed a thriving counseling practice (rooted in depth psychology and dreamwork), as well as a TV and print media career. She published a weekly column in Indian Express (one of India's main English dailies), interviewing a variety of personalities from the arts, business, politics, and civil society on their journey and philosophy of life (click here for all articles). She also anchored hour-long morning programs on Doordarshan, India's public television channel (the only terrestrial network, with a 450 million viewership) - in depth interviews with leading personalities as well as interactive sessions with the youth.

After more than six intense and rich years in India, Nadine decided to relocate to California in 2012 and joined The Human Company (a management consultancy with clients ranging from start ups to Fortune 100 companies, in the US and Europe) in a role of strategy and business development. In close tandem with its founder and CEO Francis Cholle, Nadine helped expand the company's operations and worked with some of its clients in a personal development and coaching role. 

In 2015, Nadine created Neidan, Inc. as a vehicle for her mission and objectives and a common home for all her activities.