helping people & organizations know who they are, and become it

Nadine Kreisberger’s work is about accompanying people and organizations on their journey to understand who they are, and becoming it.

In those “joint journeys", she draws from her unique background in psychology, business, politics, the media, shamanism and other sacred teachings. She weaves a variety of tools together, combining depth psychology and dreamwork, business coaching and leadership training, trauma relief (EMDR), and inter-generational dynamics. She works in one-on-one and group settings, in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. 

A citizen of the world, Nadine grew up in France; she created a classical music company in New York; she spent time near the lava flows on the Big Island of Hawai’i; she was the right-hand of the leading female politician in Mongolia; she had a therapy practice and TV shows in New Delhi. Now based in the Bay Area, she created Neidan Inc. as an umbrella for all her activities -- counseling work, company retreats and media projects.

Neidan is the Chinese name for an ancient tradition known in the Western world as Alchemy – the process of a person or an entity finding their essence and manifesting it. It is the ‘red thread’ of Nadine's life journey and of all the company’s activities.  


Joint journeys

A unique combination of depth psychology and dream work, leadership coaching, EMDR (trauma relief), intergenerational and family dynamics, along with spiritual traditions, to help the person on the Journey of becoming oneself.



For five years Nadine interviewed every week another Indian personality on the meaning of life. She also writes on political events through the angle of myth and psychology. Read here all those conversations and written musings.  



Over the years, Nadine has been involved in a variety of media projects, from a pioneering classical music label, to TV shows on India’s national television, to an interview series of tech icons on their philosophy of life, and interviews on inner peace for the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation.

Currently, she is working on Exquisite Dreams, a feature experimental documentary on the universality of dreams. Indeed, cultural differences abound, but bellow that thin layer, one can hear similar themes in dreams around the world. Nadine experienced this consistently in her dreamwork with people around the world, from Mongolian nomads to Indian business tycoons to French philosophers and many more. Based on Nadine’s experiences and in collaboration with famed director Christine Jones and producer Jamie Gordon, Exquisite Dreams will be an artistic exploration of those fascinating, yet often still mysterious realms.